SummerSALT Byron Bay

SummerSALT Projects are two week missions run by Power to Change Campus to coincide with annual Schoolies Week celebrations. Power to Change teams of missionaries and students live at popular Schoolies destinations for one or two weeks in an effort to provide a healthy influence on the Schoolies and to engage them in spiritual discussions.

All Summer Projects share a common vision: Accelerating campus movements by developing multiplying disciplemakers through focused missional communities.

At SummerSALT Byron Bay Summer Project we want to train and equip participants in evangelism and discipleship for ministry back on campus in the next year and beyond. We also desire to encourage growth in one’s personal relationship with Christ.

SummerSALT Byron Bay has traditionally been a Catalytic Project, led by teams of Student Leaders under the coaching of a Catalytic missionary. This differs slightly from some of the other Summer Projects in that the Student Leaders are given a high level of responsibility and input into both the planning and the execution of the Project. As a result of the very Catalytic flavor of this Project, it is highly recommended that all Catalytic students attending a Summer Project should have SummerSALT Byron Bay as their primary preference.