Easter Outreach

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Easter? Is it chocolate? Eggs and Bunnies? Family getting together? Just another public holiday? Some Christian thing?

There are two main reasons why Christians celebrate Easter. The first is what actually happened when Jesus died on that cross. As the perfect God-man, his death was able to pay the full price of all wrongs ever committed by every human that has ever lived. With that price paid, we are now free to pursue a relationship with God.

The second reason is quite simple but infinitely profound! Jesus didnt stay dead! He rose again conquering death and inviting all to turn from their wrongs and follow Him into a new life free from guilt and the fear of death.

This Easter, you have a wonderful opportunity to come alongside those around you and invite them to hear about Jesus. Use a simple question like “What does Easter mean to you?”, and listen to them before sharing what it means to you. Give them something, maybe a free Easter Egg, simply to show that you care for them as you have been cared for by the risen Lord. Perhaps you could ask “What is the best thing that anyone has ever done for you?” and then after hearing your friend’s response, tell them of how you were rescued from an eternity of darkness.

On campus, we suggest that you use some of these resources to reach out to those around you.

Easter Eggsamination (a fun quiz to do on campus at Easter time)
Easter On trial (the script for a court room dramatisation of the evidence for the resurrection)
Easter poster 1
Easter Poster Hollow egg