Transition of KV’s

A healthy movement is a growing movement. A place for new leaders to emerge, be trained, and take on the challenge of building the movement themselves.

Jesus’ earthly ministry only lasted about three years before the disciples took over. Paul rarely stayed long in one place, simply planting the church, training some key leaders, and moving on. Of course he then coached them via letters and the occasional visit, but no one church he planted was solely dependent on him. Building movements is God’s work, and God loves to grow his people through the challenge of servant leadership.

No KV is irreplacable, and no movement is dependent on any one KV. So Multiply! Find those Faithful, Available, Teachable, & Obedient disiciples of Jesus who you can train to continue your work, and then move on to do the same again. In every sphere of influence in your life. To the end of your days!

This helpful article and video can give you some more great perspectives. 

Lifecycle of a KV